Growing Business


Q. What is the “business health check”?


A. The business health check questions are listed elsewhere on this website. This is the starting point of our client relationships. Anyone can download it, complete it (just a few minutes) and send it off to Preslane Marketing. The focus of our initial discussions will be clear.




Q. Am I eligible for a Government Grant?


A. Let’s have a look over your business development plans, and then I can check some websites and make some calls to relevant people




Q. How much could I get and how long will it take?


A. That depends on the size and shape of your business and what your plans are – innovation, job creation, export access, technology, R & D etc. Most funding takes a few months to go through the system – so you can’t really start the project until approval is given. Most funding is available on a matched basis – dollar for dollar – so you may need to be able to show your matching input into the project.




Q. What success have you had in accessing Government funding?


A. I have helped a number of clients get access to Government programs because I advise them to be careful and thorough, and I try to involve the relevant Government agency people in the process. Sometimes I advise clients that their application, as discussed, is not likely to be approved.




Q. Do you do business plans?


A. Yes and whatever else it takes to help clients set their strategic direction so they feel comfortable with and excited about their business development plans. I use a number of software programs.




Q. How come the business planning process is so complicated and time consuming?


A. Preslane Marketing has a much simpler process. There are 5 basic questions elsewhere on this website to help you focus on the key issues. Under “strategy” there are just four options under which all your development options will fall. Under “capitalisation” there are only four sources of funding to finance your plans. So the whole process is simpler and less time consuming, but still very important.




Q. Why do a plan if it is soon going to be out of date?


A. A business plan is not really meant to be a ‘blueprint’ for action. Embedded in the plan is an ‘Action Plan’ – who will do what and by when. The overall plan will be out of date very soon after it is complete. But what the Government or the financiers want to see is that you have been through the planning process – thought about your business; understand your markets, your industry, your competitors, etc. That’s the real benefit of planning. Then you use it as the basis for regular reviews in which you analyse how the market and your position in it has changed.




Q. Is your experience limited to the food industry?


A. Not at all. Preslane Marketing has consulted in many industries and for many companies – large multinational companies, public unlisted companies and family companies. We have worked in established businesses, in start up businesses, and have helped with Government funding and capital raising for many companies including technology companies. We believe the “process of business” is much the same for any business




Q. How much do your services cost?


A. Clients invest in Preslane Marketing services in two ways:

1. Fixed price contract for an agreed project with specified terms of reference

2. Monthly retainer basis over 3, 6 or 12 months for the provision of an agreed parcel of services which could include planning, Government grant application, plan implementation, project management for a particular business development project, internal workshops and other services agreed from time to time.




Q. How do we know if Preslane Marketing is able to add value to our business?


A. We spend a minimum of one hour with new clients without cost or obligation so clients can assess the value of Preslane Marketing services. Our total focus in client relationships is “adding value” We monitor this continually and we ask clients to do so as well. This adds to the transparency of our client relationships.




Q. What’s this about business being “fun”?


A. Business should be fun. If it isn’t fun then maybe you haven’t paid enough attention to the fundamentals of business. This is what our workshops are about – “the fundamentals of business”. Get those right and business can be fun.




Q. What is “InVision”?


A. InVision is a small group of professional people specialising in different areas of management and development. Preslane Marketing is a member of InVision. InVision can offer a wide range of professional services for clients. InVision can also add value as an “external contract management” team where clients may have short term limited people or other resources.