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Business Health Check

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These are some of the things you might need to think about in assessing the health of your business.


This is what you look at when you are working "ON your business" rather than "IN your business”.







1 - 5

Do you have

a business plan - including a development plan?





an understanding of your eligibility for government funding support for part of your development plans?




a marketing plan?




a set of financial plans?




(profit, cash flow, balance sheet forecasts; capitalisation plan; etc)




a system to review & report against these plans?




more than 10 hours / quarter to work ON your business quite apart from working IN your business?




a clear vision of what your business will look like in 3 years?




an exit strategy?




Mission statement

is there one?




Vision for the future

is there one




Corporate strategy

is there one





are these meaningful to you & your team?




has the Mission, Vision & Corporate strategy been discussed with all staff?




does everybody understand the Mission; Vision & Corporate strategy?




are your key team members committed to them?









Do you know in detail

your target market segments





how big they are?




where they are?




how competitive they are?




who your main 3 competitors are?




what their strengths & weaknesses are?




what your "sustainable competitive advantages" are?




Financial management

is there any?





do you understand the difference between "profit" & "cash"?




is there a budget or forecast for 1 year or 3 years out?




do you have a monthly financial reporting system?




do YOU know the true cash position in your business every day?




do you have an enforceable credit management procedure?









Do you have

a detailed organisation chart?





position descriptions for all staff including owners?




written systems for each area of business?




wages, tax, super, workcover, etc 








HR, staff training, etc




compliance, etc




a commitment to training so all can do what is expected of them?




accountability for your people




regular team meetings to review & reset targets?




a computer system back up procedure?