Growing Business


Our achievements over the last 30 years include:

  • Assisted with government liaison and financial institution liaison for companies thereby adding significant value to their balance sheets. 

  • Have also helped in the process of attracting equity investment and the analysis and focussing of business development priorities in challenging competitive industries.

  • Helped many clients qualify for State and Federal Government grants including NFIS, QIDS; EMDG; AusIndustry; FIG; RPP; etc

  • Consulting to a major oil company, travelling all over Australia training their Distributors and their Distributors’ customers in marketing, selling and competitive strategies.

  • Set up a series of sophisticated cash flow projection spreadsheets so the client could readily determine financial outcomes 2-5 years out by introducing “what if” scenarios. These were also used for financial institution submissions.

  • Management of an Agricultural Business Unit, in 3 years, turning the Australian business around from unprofitable to very profitable market leadership with substantial export market potential.

  • Assisted the Principals of a carpentry firm, actually slowing the pace of development ensuring the business remained manageable and under control and maintaining adequate funding for the controlled expansion program.

  • Helped a small cosmetics company access certain export markets using Government grants to recover some of the investment.

  • Helped an IT company gain access to all available Government funding programs and, while taking a step back, was able to contribute an ‘outsider’s perspective’ which prioritise the business development options.

  • Working for the Australian subsidiary of 2 major Japanese electronic firms, changing the face of their credit management procedures collecting millions in outstanding debts.

  • We have conducted many business and marketing seminars and workshops to small business people and to companies.

  • We have also stepped into temporary, contract marketing roles as an extra marketing/business development resource to:
    1. Prepare business plans
    2. Launch or relaunch a product range.
    3. Help develop a marketing strategy.
    4. Identify and analyse new business opportunities.
    5. Train the team in product knowledge, basic marketing, planning and in just “being a team”.
    6. Promote the company’s products directly to customers and potential customers.